Rimco Construction Incorporated is not endorsed nor is it affiliated with any insurance company. The logos below belong to the insurance companies that Rimco Construction negotiates repairs and cost on property claim settlements in behalf of our mutual customers. Rimco Construction makes no endorsements for any company listed below. 

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Insurance companies are not created equal. The premiums they charge differ as does the coverage. If you pay a significantly lower premium, chances are, there might be surprises when a catastrophic event occurs. It could be a high deductible or a deductible based on a percentage of the homes replacement cost. It could be an absence of code upgrade or ordinance coverage. Rimco Construction's Homeowners Insurance Specialist have seen homeowners, that thought they had full replacement cost coverage insurance only to find the policy owner had a 50% Actual cash value policy. If a storm caused $45,000 in damaged. The insurance company paid $22,500 after the homeowner covering their deductible.

Insurance companies employ actuaries, their sole job is to calculate risks for the premium charged, with the idea of creating revenue streams for the insurance company. The insurance adjuster plays a big role in the profit and loss of the insurance company. The Insurance Adjuster's primary purpose is to settle claims for a little as possible and close your file as soon as possible. Most insurance companies use a estimating software called Xactimate it was designed to stream line the claims process to save insurance companies money. Xactimate can be manipulated by an adjuster to lower or raise the amount paid on a claim. The areas we see it often is a good, better, best quality scenario. If you have a high grade vinyl siding and the adjuster places a standard grade siding quality in the estimating program, that program is going to short change the homeowner by not truly indemnifying the policy holder. On an average sized home this amount is anywhere from 800.00 to 1200.00 dollars. You can imagine if this occurs on two to four hundred claims in a large Cat area (catastrophic area) the insurance company saves a great deal of money. We have seen instances where an adjuster missed a large percentage of the damage. If the adjuster is assigned 15 homes to see and adjust in a 8 hour day, something usually is missed! We have also seen where an adjuster would offer far less than market value for the repairs. Rimco Construction will see that you are indemnified for your loss. The only thing we want is a fair settlement for the actual damages you incurred, and replace them with like and kind quality. We want to put everything back using quality, materials and craftsmanship you had prior to the storm damage.

When it comes to residential exterior repair, Rimco Construction has uncommon capabilities. Rimco also serves our good friends within a 60 mile radius of Omaha, Nebraska.