Roofing, Siding and Skylights in Omaha, Nebraska

Rimco Construction, has been in business since 2002. It was started as a small as needed service company for the real estate industry. Realtor's who needed repairs completed before an important deadline, usually a closing or as a result of a non favorable home inspection, would hire Rimco Construction. Rimco would eliminate the deficiencies so the deal would close.


3606 North 156th Street Suite 137

Omaha, Nebraska 68116

3902 Lake Street

Omaha, Nebraska 68111

In 2011 Rimco Construction decided to open its construction service to everyone in Omaha. Rimco Construction specializes in storm damage restoration with an emphasis on Skylights, roofing, roof repair, siding, windows, and exterior repair. Doug Rimington is the owner and is licensed as a contractor and Realtor in Nebraska and Iowa. When we offer construction, insurance claim and market analysis consultation. We generally take a "if I had to sell and market my real estate today, how much could I sell it for approach. We do everything we can to hold property value to a high standard. The two reasons we put money in our property, 1. Quiet enjoyment, 2. Equity position. When you select Rimco Construction as the company you want as your contractor, you are getting far more than quality construction. You are getting a bundle of services that very few contractors can offer let alone deliver.